Ellephant Mambo - Inspiring Agility in Companies of All Sizes


At Ellephant Mambo, we believe that business agility is a choice.  The foundation is a robust disciplined business strategy. It produces the freedom within a framework for collaboration against a shared vision.  The key is getting broad agreement on what problems and opportunities the organization wants to prioritize and build strategies against.  We have a process to drive those strategic choices and experience with companies large and small to help evaluate and refine it.  


Integrated Marketing is the Secret

At Ellephant Mambo, we believe the secret to impactful marketing is a true understanding of the discipline of an integrated marketing planning process.   Many of the people we talk with are experiencing the frustration of bringing together teams that know how to do world-class television with teams that truly understand customer centric solution based digital.  Done well television and other mass vehicles amplify digital vehicles and provide a return on investment that is higher than the marketing mix model results of each individual medium.    The key is each vehicle has a unique role to play in influencing the consumer belief or behavior the campaign is designed to effect.  Once those rolls have been established, each tool can be optimized and that optimization needs to be evaluated in the context of the total campaign results. 



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